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Over 10 years of operation with the striving efforts of more than 100 Officials, Public – Employees. Up to now, Tien Nam Phat has established itself a firm position in the market in the field of Design – Construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant, water supply, exhaust gas …. to serve the production process of the Enterprise.

With technology growing. Tien Nam Phat is constantly learning, cultivating knowledge, improving the professional qualifications for each Public – Employee division to own many advanced technology solutions in the process of Design – Construction – Installation – Transportation – Improve wastewater treatment system and exhaust gas in the most efficient and economical manner.

You are completely assured when cooperating with Tien Nam Phat in the fields of Design – Construction – Installation and Operation – Maintenance of waste water treatment system, gas to ensure the quality of treatment system with good efficiency. Best. All EIA, Environmental Protection Plan, Permits for Groundwater Exploitation, Complete acceptance of Environmental Protection items, etc. issue the fastest paper in accordance with the requirements of your Business and Agency – State processes.

With the spirit of continuous improvement, continuous learning along with modern facilities. Tien Nam Phat is confident to continue developing and maintaining its reputation to affirm its leading position in the Environmental Treatment Technology industry in Vietnam.

  • Create a friendly and passionate working environment.
  • Deploying more methodically through each project, satisfying maximum expectations of customers.
  • Innovating, dynamic, creative, learning, conquering all challenges.
  • Sustainable development, bringing prosperity to employees and partners.
  • To become the leading trusted choice in Vietnam in the field of wastewater treatment and environmental related activities

“Cooperation for development”

"Tien Nam Phat operates with experience in environmental fields, we have won 10 years operation award."

Ms DungCEO & Founder.

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